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Hello Friends,

Thank you so much for visiting my website. I am so glad you stopped by and hopefully I will get to work with you! I would love to introduce myself and tell a bit of my story. Hopefully my story will inspire a desired connection, and we can work together on a cool project in the very near future. 

All the Best, 


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Her Story

Christina Pappion is a native New Orleanian. She was born and raised in Gentilly New Orleans, Lakefront Area. Growing up in Nola, she was always fascinated by the city's rich culture and talent. When Christina was around six years old her mother began working at the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival ( Also Known as Festival Productions) It was at this time, she saw a different side of New Orleans she would grow to love and paint. Many days and nights, EJ would spend hours working alongside some of the city's musical patriarchs and greats. Christina would meet world renowned talent from all over the country. Watching her mom work full-time, and go back to school and finish college inspired her to not give up. Her mom's new job was so glamorous and had some perks for the young artist. I mean goodness, Christina had some cool opportunities...she danced on stage with Diana Ross and was babysat by Linda Ronstadt! I mean how cool is that!  It was at this time in her childhood, she drew and painted alot, filling up large scale notebooks with penciled figure drawings of musicians and family portraits. Life was beautiful and these memories inspired her artistic style in so many unique ways. A passion that became apparent during her childhood, was her love for drawing everyday life and portraits.  Most days you could find the young artist drawing a person while they were performing or speaking, not knowing she would use that same perspective later in her career as an event painter. 


 She attended Mount Carmel Academy and it was there when she realized her talent for drawing and painting touched her audience in a special way. While in High School, Christina's talent soared. She won many Art and Talent competitions throughout the city and was involved in the National Art Honor Society. After graduation, she received an Art scholarship to Xavier University and continued her education at the University of New Orleans. After earning her Bachelor of Fine Arts, she decided to work for two local non- profit art organizations teaching art to the youth in the inner city community of New Orleans. 

In 20075, she met Isaac on a blind date, just two weeks before Hurricane Katrina which she is so thankful to God that  it happened in perfect timing. Everything started to fall into place and in 2007 they married on the beach in Destin, FL. Inspired by love she started to work more on her individual style and perspective.

In 2015, after having her two beautiful girls she decided to start her own business creating live paintings at events and weddings. She decided to call it Pappion Artistry. Pappion means transformation and is also her last name while Artistry is the way you look at art. This translated her vision of her company perfectly.


She went all in, and since then has never looked back. Christina's art is so versatile just like the city she grew up in. She paints custom shoes, large scale murals, mini canvases and home goods, in addition to painting wedding canvases live on location.

Over the years Christina would be featured in major media campaigns. In 2016, Christina would be chosen as the first artist to work with the NFL and the New Orleans Saints on the " My Cause My Cleats" Initiative. Working alongside the Saints players and staff to tell creative stories on shoes. Christina would design custom one of a kind cleats that would highlight non-profits and be worn by athletes game-day on the field. in 2017, Christina was also selected as the Crescent City Classic Poster Artist. She was the first artist to paint the scene live then create the poster from those sketches. 2019 was a great year for the artist! That year, Christina was commissioned by the Saints organization to create artwork for the Mercedes Benz Superdome and Smoothie King Center. You can see her large scale murals and wall art in the Champions Club and Corner's Office. It was also the same year she was selected as the first artist ever to create artwork for the NBA New Orleans Pelican's season tickets. Since that year would be the last year the organization would print and distribute paper tickets, they also wanted to do something special highlight Zion's big debut. So, of course, they got Christina to design their media campaign and look for the season tickets. This artwork would be included in ticket packaging, marketing materials, game day lanyards, and other apparel. In 2019, she was also commissioned by New Orleans native Terrance Blanchard to create a custom Saints shoe that would be worn to his first Grammy visit.

She also has worked with many other organizations including her latest partnership in 2022 with nostalgic 90's brand Dunkaroos. She would be the first female and artist to design and create shoes for the Final Four Campaign and College All- Star Team. 

Some of her clients over the years include NFL, NBA, Dunkaroos, All- State Sugar Bowl, Hudson, Dixie Beer, Verizon, Waste Connections... 

She enjoys painting live at weddings and events throughout the country and is thankful to be one of the few African American women to do this.  When asked which subject she likes to paint the most she insists that painting is a joy no matter what the subject. She is just happy and blessed to be able to wake up every morning and do what she loves. 

Due to recent overwhelming popularity and growing sales, some additional support for the business was needed. This past year, Isaac, Christina's husband, has joined the business. His keen business skills and expertise from the corporate world is a much-added help. He heads the marketing and business side of things and they are so excited about what the future holds for their family. 


The future looks bright for the artist and she can't help but to smile.

Christina is so thankful to God for all of her many accomplishments throughout her career and believes that her best is yet to come.  

This year, Christina has been asked to create the poster art for three Mardi Gras Krewe's: The Mystic Krewe of Femme Fetale, The Krewe of Symphony, and The Krewe of Nefertiti. Standby, much more to come! 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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Meet The Team


Christina Pappion

Creative Director & Artist


Isaac Pappion

Director of Business  

& Strategic Partnerships

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