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My love for art started with the love for coloring and drawing. When I visited my grandparents, I would love to watch TV and draw what I saw. I also loved to color in coloring books. It was therapeutic and so much fun to sit in silence and just color! So, this page is dedicated to the young at heart, whether you are 88 or 8 you can color with me! Send me pics of your finished artwork or coloring your sheets so that I can post on my feed. Thanks for stopping by my friend. Happy Coloring!

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My Story

Growing up and spending a lot of time with my grandparents was quite lonely and although they loved me very much....I was quite bored from time to time...until my grandfather and grandmother bought me my first set of crayons and looseleaf paper. From the ripe old age of six it has been a love that I can not shake. My favorite class was Mrs. betsy's art class during the summer, where I learned all kinds of things about art and was introduced to making shapes and the shadow effect. 

It is time for me to give back in some sort of way, and each month I will try my hardest to create and share original downloadable free coloring sheets. You can use these coloring sheets to make printouts for your class or for you to color on your free time. I just request that you do not sell these or make money from the artwork. My intention is that I give and it is a ripple effect and you give to others. Let's pay it forward. 

Share your pics of you creating them and I will repost! God Bless. 



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