Meet the Painter....Christina


Author, mother,

entrepreneur, wife,

graphic designer,

painter, speaker, and

most importantly, a believer.


"All things are possible to him that believes."

Mark 9:23


Hello and thank you for visiting my site! My name is Christina and I am glad you came to visit me. My mission is to create meaningful art that makes people feel good inside! I am from New Orleans and grew up in Gentilly. I started drawing/painting when I was about seven years old. I grew up spending a lot of time with my grandparents and was what New Orleans society calls an " Ol' Soul", which literally means I hung around the old folks. My grandfather got tired of me being involved in "grown folks business" so he gave me a black leather binder full of looseleaf paper and a sharpened pencil. I didn't know what to do with it at first because I wasn't a good writer. Nevertheless, I listened to him and took the binder in and started to doodle on the paper. My favorite TV show came on as I was doodling. With nothing else to do, I decided that I should draw my favorite character on the show. That is when everything changed for me, a lightbulb went off in my head. I was having fun creating my own pretend world on paper, and my grandparents thought I was good at it. I could not stop! Drawing made me so happy. It made me forget about the four walls and the house that I was in and I entered a whole new imaginary world, where I was the boss. When I started drawing in school, I used to get made fun of by others who said my art didn't look right. I kept at it and soon I was creating art work for the school and won all sorts of contests. In high school, I was in many art honor classes and clubs. I would frequently get in trouble with my art teachers. The teachers used to tell my mother, " She draws and paints too fast! Tell her to slow down. We don't have time to give her all of these extra assignments". I knew at an early age that I was given this gift, which was not to be used selfishly. I had to use it to make others around me feel good too. So, that's why I paint. It is quite simple. I have to be true to myself and encourage others as well. I am happy to say, I finally found my purpose.


This gift from God, my talent, is where I find unspeakable joy and meaning.


Please contact me with any questions, concerns, or happy notes. Thanks again and have a great day doing whatever makes you happy!


Artistically yours,



New Orleans Painter

Enjoying fun in Nawlins

Live Painter California

Christina Pappion enjoying the colors around her!

Christina Pappion New Orleans Artist

Personality Plus


Christina & Isaac

New Orleans Visual Artist

Her main squeeze for 13 plus years

Live Painter

Her two favorite girls

New Orleans Wedding Painter

Christina and her lovely family

Wedding Painter

Sophia, 9 & Gabby, 6

New Orleans Arts

The Pappion Family







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