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Can you help me with a Thank You gift for my mom and dad?

Bright white walls and can lights, with a smell of lavendar from my favorite gloss fill me with energy in my brand new art studio. The lighting in my sanctuary is bright and the walls are blank ready for some ideas and paintings to grace the walls. As I lay back in my comfy tweed painting chair, my hand stirs my favorite long stem Michaelangelo paintbrush in the cool blue paint water. No lunch today, too much to do. For a snack, I grab a couple of wheat thins in my palm and lean over to my cell phone to open my emails that keep buzzing. The first email I open seems to be on repeat lately, like my favorite classic song from Mozart's YouTube playlist. It's one of my clients who is looking for the perfect thank you gift for mom and dad. I am going to be painting at her wedding soon and she is looking for an original painting to give to them!

She writes, " Christina please help. I saw a friend of mine's family portrait that you painted. She gave it to her mom and dad the day of her wedding as a the perfect thank you gift for all their wedding love and support. Can you help?

Here is a snippet of what she sent me. She wanted the family painted in front of their family church. It has so many memories for the family. So, I was in. My heart was in it and there I was ready to go.

Here are the pictures of the family and the dog. I looked up the church online and used those pictures for the background.

As I sit back in the chair, I start to get ideas of what would make this portrait extra special. There is a challenge though. I have no family picture to paint from! You see this project is going to use every ounce of creative juice I got. I guess I need to go to the I open up the Bible and pray:)

I come up with a great idea of combining all of the pictures she sent in the email together to make the perfect portrait. Below you will see exactly what the bride sent me in the email. Also you will see the end result and what I came up with. It took some time but the end result was magnificent. Mom cried and dad beamed with pride and guess what... That means we did it right!

Here is a picture of the final product!


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