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Check out the 2021 Festin in Place Poster I created to commemorate Jazz Fest!

I have been going to Jazz Fest everyday since I was six years old! I loved the food, Kids Tent and spent most of my time in the WWOZ Jazz Tent with my grandparents. I grew to love the music. When I first visited the Jazz tent it was so boring. My grandparents would bring their chairs, an ice chest, and cups and cop a squat to hear the world renowned jazz Fest artist play live.

I would sit close by in the sun coloring and drawing musicians as I listened to the colorful music. I didn't know that one day I would get paid to do just that as a live artist...ha! Funny how things happen.

But after going repeatedly with them every year, the sounds started to fill my heart and became a part of me. I needed to hear those songs, and the scatting and the notes floating in the air. It inspired me, and it defined me.

Every time I step on the grounds I go straight to get my Jama Jama and Strawberry lemonade! The sweet sound of NOLA music in the distance reminds me of the fun times we had under the big blue and white tent, and how the art and music that I once did with crayons has continued with professional paints.

Our traditions are impactful and this is one I am sure glad was instilled in me at a young age.

Happy Jazz Fest!

To commemorate Jazz Fest I will be posting art this weekend and next. Hopefully you are able to support me and buy a piece for your home. Click on the link to purchase and add to your Pappion Art collection!

Let's all fest in place and listen to some WWOZ.


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