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Can you believe you are looking at a print?

Updated: Feb 27, 2021

Oh, yes ma'am that is what this is! Isn't this a cool gift idea for mom and dad.

Here is the original handprinted I created live at Southern Oaks Weddings in New Orleans, LA!

Mom and Dad deserve something don't they...

Hey, Hey now... we know Mom and Dad deserve a gift after putting up with all these changes. Well, here is a cool gift idea that will have them remembering the special day for years to come.

This idea of event painting prints came about nine years ago. I was in Livingston Parish packing up all my art supplies after a long night of creating a super special piece of artwork and I heard a small voice coming from behind a plant.

"Who's gonna get that painting, baby? I would like to hang it up in my house. I am the grandmother and I raised the groom."

Just then I realized. Wow, this moment is so big for so many people and I decided to create a package where mom and dad get a print too!

What a cool idea!

This painting was created live from a wedding held at Southern Oaks Weddings where I am a preferred Vendor.

Did you know that you can watch me paint live? Sure, you can. Tap here to check out a few. Email me and let me know what you think. Or even better pass it along to your friends and family.....


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