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Now selling Personalized Wedding Signs!

Walking briskly from my car to my next wedding venue, I carried all my supplies on my back and pushed what seemed to be over 40 lbs worth of equipment. I was tired! But as I walked in my breath was taken away by the floral pieces on the tables with roses that seemed to reach the roof. I had some time so I went to find my setup location and decided I would enjoy the views once everything was setup.

The venue, Il Mercado, is a beautiful terra-cotta roofed Spanish style treasure is set in the beginning of busy merchant magazine Street. The venue is hidden beneath a garden like atmsophere next to a small park. It is a beautiful place to have a wedding. It was a beautiful summer night and I was about to get ready to paint a masterpiece. Before I sat down for what would be five hours, I decided to walk around and check out the wedding decor before the guests arrived.

I noticed a sheet of paper placed on a table. I looked down at a illustration of the bride and groom. It was nice but it was also cartoon like, which I liked. But I thought what if you could make the sign really look like them and customize it like paper dolls. My mind began to wonder at the infinite possibilities of what I was capable of capturing and how my audience would respond.

So, I decided to try I it first on a couple I knew. Evan and Madeline really wanted me to be at their wedding. For goodness sake he was my dentist, and she was his sweet fiancé that was the perfect model in every way! But I just couldn't be in two places at one time. So, I decided this couple would be the perfect couple to try the new idea on!

And it was a complete hit! After that I have been created countless bridal wedding signs, using a collage of images to create the one of a kind print that would adore their home forever. And guess what guests can sign it too!

What's the coolest part? You can pick whatever background you would like! What else? You can even get the finest details like hair style, earrings, wedding floral, and pets.


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