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This Weekend Christina is celebrating being Named 2020 Northshore's Best Artist

What a honor to be named the Best Artist on the Northshore! There is a new category and Christina is so thankful for to be a part. Many of the other category lists the Best for a certain area, like West. St. Tammany, East St. Tammany but I received the honor for the Northshore as a whole.

Wow! I am so thankful!

To celebrate I am giving everyone 30% off their purchase of $100 or more. Also enjoy free shipping!

Use the Spring Code now: SPRING30

Link here to shop now!

Thank you to everyone who voted!

Now onto the news. Check out some new developments.

This past weekend I painted the White Magnolia Package live in New Orleans, LA. I worked with Wink Events and Design, one of the top event planners in our area. To say it was gorgeous is an understatement. It kind of looked like what a girl dreams of when they say they want to get married. The flowers everywhere was simply elegant. I have never seen so many creative things down with flowers before. You have to go check out their Instagram to see some of the their work. It is ridiculous.

FUN FACT: Wink is the first design company I have ever worked with. They gave me my first shot!

Also I am on Dixon Drive and will be hanging out there for a while. Check out my large mural outside of the Smoothie King Center. It can be seen from skyscrapers and even when driving in your car. So excited about this!

Ok, so I dont want to bombard you but I am going to put a whole bunch of images below. Basically it is all the things I have been working on this week. I had to finish up some commissions from weddings and I also put some new cool things in my ETSY shop, including a small clutch!

You have to go check it out! Thank you for supporting local art!


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