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Wow, 2021 was so great!

As I reflect on 2021 I am so very thankful. I mean I got to meet some really cool people and paint some really cool things.

Many people call or email me with ideas and 2021 was a year I really let my creativity go crazy. Color overload and a lot of studio loving was the key to success.

Just passing along some of the fan favorites for you to see. If you were at a wedding or received an art piece for me please leave a review on the review tab.

Adding deceased family to a digital art piece.

Traded out the brides brother for her dad in this art print. She received a gift certificate from me and could not think of what she wanted. Then this idea popped in her head, and it was my pleasure making her dreams turn into reality.

This painting was an absolute blast because it was a collaborative painting with the bride and her mom. We brainstormed ideas and when they said I could have the ultimate say and use color to its fullest....this is what happened... I took it home to add in the details and reflections in the ground. So much fun!

This digital was a surprise to the groom and was very cool from the start. She didn't want space around the canvas but instead what it to go to edge and be on display the reception. I also add their pet!

I love the reflections on the ground. Pastels were a nice touch and I looked forward to painting the NOLA light sign because it was a cool background.

The family had me paint live at their wedding reception. So when he wanted to surprise her with her first present as a mommy this idea was great to add to their collection.

Outdoor weddings have a special place in my heart, especially when I get to paint a giant oak tree!

One of my most favorite experiences this year was traveling! This painting at the Sagamore in Bolton Landing, NY was challenging and fun. I loved the beautiful tent, the mountains in the background, the greenery hanging from the chandeliers and how the reflection in the ground turned out!


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