"I'm absolutely in love with the Candyland mural that is on the wall of my business. All the kids enjoy looking at it and playing with it as if it's an actual board game. The kids all get excited that they have actually been to many of the places on the Candyland mural. Christina was so easy and great to work with. She truly has a talent."

Candice - Mural for Business

"She does amazing work! Her live paintings are the perfect way to remember one of the most important days of your life. The one she did for me and my husband looks exactly like us during our first dance! And you can't beat her price, very manageable. I would recommend her to anyone, you won't be disappointed!"

Chelsea - Bride


"Christina was fabulous to work with. I shopped around until I found the perfect live painter to surprise my brother and sister-in-law with at their wedding reception. I couldn't have asked for a better result. Christina's work is gorgeous! She captured the spirit of the wedding in the most amazing way. It was the best present I could have given. The bride and groom were so surprised and now have their painting hanging in their home. I highly recommended Christina with Pappion Artistry."

Melanie - Bride


"I love working with Pappion Artistry! This is definitely a professional artist you can trust. And the TALENT that she has just oozes off of her. Not to mention she is such a sweet person. Gotta give her two thumbs up!"

Rebecca - Event Planner


"I wanted to get my son and his future wife something they would cherish for the rest of their lives. I didn't want them to forget it. So, when I stumbled upon this and met Christina she made my dreams a reality. The wedding was the talk of the town! Not only did she paint at an amazing pace but she also entertained guests and was involved in every conversation! She truly added value and a new approach to entertainment at a wedding!!!"

Beth - Bride


"I am so thankful for my mural. I was hesitant at first because I was scared of what a painting on a wall may look like. But I was pleasantly surprised. She took her time and we consulting on everything. I was so amazed by the final product!"

Trina - Mural


"She is too talented not to have one peice of her work! So not only did I purchase a custom living room painting but I bought many personalized presents for my grandchildren as well."

Rose - Personalized gifts and Custom Painting


"I was so thankful for the wedding picture that Christina painted, I swear my bride and I did not know if she was going to put it up for auction or what. My mom told us when we came back that it was a present for our new home and we were so grateful. We will never forget our wedding day. You made it even more special than what it already was."

Jude - Groom


"I was so surprised to get a live event painter at my wedding. Everyone was so in awe of her work. I had to catch myself because I was so involved with the painting that I forgot I still had to entertain guests and get back to my wedding...LOL!"

Tracey - Bride


"I wanted something different for my party but I did not know what. So when Christina and I talked and I saw her work I was so impressed. My birthday was a milestone so it was important to me to give myself authentic and unique! And this was it. Book Christina and capture the moment in color."

Michael - Private Event


"I saw a table on sale and I knew it would be perfect for my dining room. So I called Christina and sent her a picture. Then we talked and came up with ideas together. I was so happy to be a part of the creative process. She makes you feel connected with her vision. The table is definitely a show peice. Every talks about it when they come over to eat."

Dana - Personalized Furniture


"So unbelievably amazing!!!! It was a surprise for my husband who loves art. My husband LOVED it as did all my guests. They were raving about her work. So glad we could have it on display in the hotel for the rest of the weekend. The hotel was buzzing about it. Thank you!!!!!!"

Shannon - Bride



"Wow!!!! Thank you!!! You were absolutely wonderful! People cannot stop talking about the whole process and the end result. The painting is in our living room and we adore it. Very talented woman, with a HUGE future! Christina captured one of the most important events of my life with such class and thoughtfulness with a New Orleans style!!!!!"

Glen & Loren - Bride and Groom


"I absolutely love how the painting looks! In my opinion, you completely captured the feel of the night from our perspective."

Catherine - Bride


"The art was so beautifully done during the reception. We all just loved the painting (Amanda and Keaton have already hung it above their bed!) and the guests absolutely loved watching you work. Those that were painted in when they came up to you were so thrilled! You added so much to the night!"  

Judy - Mother of Bride



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