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Prints Vs. Paintings

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

So have you heard of photoshopping people in and out of a picture. Well, Christina is a pro and can do this for digital prints or acrylic paintings. 

Digital Prints is the term Christina uses when she creates a watercolor like image on the computer and it is printed on 300 pound white paper, linen or canvas. 

The image can be printed on paper or on canvas. Paper is more popular. 

The image looks like a painting but it is created digitally. Think Avatar LOL. 

It is custom and takes about a week to create and is less expensive compared to an original painting. 

Examples and pricing for Prints below. 


Amber's Project:

Digital Collage Print
16 x 20 $185

Christina's bride Amber was extremely close with her grandmother who passed a couple months before her wedding day. She wanted to honor the last who had made such an impact on her life. She was also thinking about a gift idea for her mother who also missed the matriarch. So she decided to work with Christina to create the perfect print for her mother including the three generations. All Christina needed was a couple of things to create her masterpiece. The pictures of the deceased relative, the background of choice, garments that each person will wear ( from fitting), and or course a picture of the bride and her mother. 





Bride's Mom

Tami at fitting



Amber with wedding makeup



Wedding dress fitting

Untitled_Artwork 33.jpg

Final Print

16 x 20 print of all 

generations on her wedding day in front of her wedding venue

Jake's Project 

Digital Collage Print
16 x 20 print $185

Christina worked with Jake to create the perfect gift for his new bride. Christina had already worked with Mildred on a custom guestbook through Etsy, well he knew if anyone could surprise Mildred with a portrait of her deceased father it would be Christina. The only catch, Jake only had one photo of Mildred's father who died when she was a baby. In fact, everyone only has one photo. So Christina has a challenge and she was so trusted to convey Jake's vision.  





The Vision

The Picture that Jake wanted me to add Dad in


More shots

Jake sent more shots of his groomsmen so that I could see what the height of his father in law would be

Untitled_Artwork 32.JPG

Final Product

The final product inside of the venue

Bretchel Wedding Portrait

Digital Collage Print
16 x 20 print $250

Christina was approached by a bride who recently got married. Her photographer took great photos but she noticed that two important people were missing from the group photo, her maid and matron of honor. The horror set in, but then she remembered her favorite artist could recreate your ideal moment using creative technology. The end result was amazing!


Group shot

Highlights of who to take out





Brides maid



Final Product

Final Product of Group Shot

Carly's Project 

Acrylic Painting
16 x 20 $485

Carly wanted to surprise her mom and dad with a family portrait in front of their church. 
The portrait would include my parents, myself, Taylor (fiancé), Jonathan (brother), & our dog Louie. I would like it in front of the Shrine of Our Lady of Prompt Succor Church (Ursuline Academy church). It took Christina two months to finish the portrait and it came out amazing. 

Jonathan, Gina, and Carly_edited.jpg

Group shot


Louie 2.jpg





Showing height


Final Product

Final Product of Acrylic

Digital Art

Digital Art

Acrylic Painting 16 x 20

Acrylic Painting 16 x 20

Acrylic Painting of Carly's Family

Digital Print

Digital Print

Digital Print

Digital Print

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