Pappion Pals:Be My Art Buddy


Creatives, Coffee, and Conversations:

Come and join other local creatives / small business owners as we meet monthly over coffee

to discuss how we can grow in our business and network with others. 

Ever want to run ideas around some creatives to get their thoughts and feedback? This is a great base to share info and have fun. Come partake in fun, fellowship and a homemade coffee bar with sweets and treats. Sign up now to be a part of this by emailing It’s free! This month will do a brief team building and get to know each other, we will also be discussing the top ten taboos of social media Facebooking for Business.


Comrad Classes:

Do you have some art skills and want to paint with some fellow artists? 

Come and join our Artist Painting Party List. 

Artist meet twice a month. The fee is $25 per month. We paint and sell our work four times a year at 


Email for more info and to join our Artist List!


Mentorship Class:

Would you like to seek some professional expertise on how to become successful in

reaching your painting potential? Email to have a chance to be mentored by Christina.









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