Let's face it sometimes things come up, whether this means I am already booked or maybe there is not enough room in the ever increasing event budget. Life happens. But this does not mean you can't get a custom painting of your special day. Christina can do it! 

That's what Matt and Claire decided to do. 

Matt reached out because he wanted me to create a live painting at his wedding last October. But unfortunately I was already booked. I wish sometimes I could clone myself but I can't:(. 

He looked online at my portfolio and has a favorite painting. He said he would contact me after the wedding had took place and that I could do it then. So in January I heard from Matt, he had about ten photos. HE included the following pictures: ( this is so you can get an idea)

He included pictures of:

The second line outfits and parasols

The street view from google of where the second line took place

The Grand Marshall and brass band

He included pictures of the bride in her dress and his tux

Pictures of the groomsmen and bridesmaids

He didn't have pictures but he wanted me to add two particular flags...The American and New Orleans flags

It was about ten photos.

From there I emailed the canvas sizes and cost. 

Paintings from photos are about half the cost of an event painting and you have more freedom. I also can get it done in about two to three weeks most times ...

Here are some pictures of what we came up with. I also added their new last names to one of the street signs.

Check out the video in the gallery. The prices are below the gallery. You can also see Claire's Special Gift to her parents. She decided to include her siblings in her recreation. She gave it to them as a Christmas present and also included her vision as well. She is giving her siblings canvas copies for presents as well. How cool!


2020 Wedding Recreation Pricing & Process:

20 x 24 $ 650

20 x 30 $ 725

24 x 30 $ 850

24 x 36 $ 1000

24 x 48 $ 1275

The deposit for materials and supplies is $100

Current timeline is two to three weeks.

Process is as follows and is very informal:)

Collect and send up to ten pictures from your special day.

Include vision and special tidbits to add.

If you have a favorite painting of mine include that as well. 

And that's it! 

Be a specific as possible or let me flow...its up to you!

Hope to talk to you soon. Email me so we can get this party started!








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