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Hi, I am Christina 

I am an introvert who loves to create. You will see that I create many different things. That is mainly because I am so passionate and love what I do. 

I hope that it translates in all of my work and that it makes you happy!

My favorite thing to paint is portraits. In fact I have been painting professionally for eight years now. I will never forget my first wedding, I was so nervous but I absolutely loved it. I am so happy that I am living my dream and fulfilling my purpose. There is nothing better than to be at a big party celebrating love! Nothing better. 

If you would like to learn more about me please check out my website You can see exactly how I landed this lifelong gig, and why I do what I do.

Hope to chat with you soon and create something super special for you!

Please follow me on my socials as I post new things daily! 

Artistically yours, C. Pappion 

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Welcome friends, 

Thank you for visiting my website. All of the art on this website and my Etsy shop PappionArt ( included on the SHOP tab) is created by me Christina Pappion. I would love to help you navigate through this site! 

I am a local artist from New Orleans, LA currently residing in Mandeville. There are four things I am currently creating and all of them are custom to the customer. 

Weddings Live Paintings & Recreations-

Live Paintings- I have been painting live at weddings and events for a total of eight years. So don't worry you are in good hands:)

On the weddings tab you will see paintings that are created real time at the reception. You will find all of my packages and pricing here as well.

Guestbook Sign-


Also on this tab you will see the guest sign in tab you will see the newly released Digital Guestbook. It can be ordered through the Shop tab. To BOOK please hit the contact us tab after looking at packages and pricing. 

Wedding Recreation-


this tab is under the wedding tab. Sometimes I am unavailable for whatever the reason may be. In that case there is always a way to still paint. Check out this page and lets discover a way to make a painting from your favorite photos.

New Orleans Pelicans and Saints-

In this tab you will see artwork created with these sports brands. I am so thankful to have created this years Pelicans Season Tickets and packaging as well as the newly released Variety Brand for Dixie Beer. You can see murals which are located in the Smoothie King and Superdome centers. God is so good!

Customs Art - 

This is mainly focused on my portfolio of recent and archived work as well as the footwear/ cleats created for the New Orleans Saints My Cause My cleats Campaign to which I have been the featured artist for 4 years. 

Shop Art-

Two places to shop: Pappion Art: ETsy and on this website! 

This is where you can support this local artist. It is here you will see the artwork that I am currently working on. It is on sale in locally loved locations like Fleurty Girl and Redoux Home Market. Check out the new florals I created inspired by the COVID 19 epidemic! Normally shipments (once placed) arrive in one week! Due to the virus wait times for ETSY art have been extended to two to three weeks. YoU can also purchase art through this website! 

I would love to answer any questions you may have and if you want to learn a little more about me and my life click on Pappion Artistry Christina Pappion. I also have a website that explains my experience and expertise in more detail at

Thank you again for visiting and I hope to work with you soon! God bless! 



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