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Jersey City Wedding Painter

Welcome to Pappion Artistry!

My name is Christina Pappion and I am the Owner/ Artist. 

I bring over 11 years of professional painting experience to your special day, infusing her passion and artistic expertise into every stroke. Here's why I stands out:

​My love for painting is not just a passion; I have a solid foundation. I studied Painting in school and have a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Arts/Painting. My academic background reflects a commitment to mastering my craft.

​Around 12 years ago, an acquaintance sparked the idea of live event painting during a conversation. Encouraged to give it a try, I embraced the opportunity, and since then, I have  been creating memorable artworks at events.I believe God has blessed me with the ability to paint. I see the opportunity to paint your special day as both an honor and a privilege, infusing my work with a sense of reverence.

New Orleans Wedding Painter

As a custom artist, I specialize in creating unique and personalized artistic expressions tailored to individual preferences and occasions. Each piece I craft is a reflection of the client's vision, transforming their ideas and emotions into tangible works of art. Now, let's tie this in with our menu pages:

Custom Wedding Signs: This page is the heart of my craft, where I take the essence of a couple's love story and infuse it into personalized wedding signs. It's not just about making signs; it's about capturing the spirit of their journey in a visually stunning and meaningful way.

Digital Art: On the "Digital Art" page, my custom artistry takes a contemporary twist. Here, I bring innovation and creativity to the forefront, offering a diverse collection of digital artworks that clients can personalize to match their unique style and preferences.

Sign Gallery: The "Sign Gallery" is a showcase of my dedication to quality craftsmanship. It's where clients can explore a curated collection of meticulously crafted signs, each bearing the mark of individuality. This page embodies the fusion of timeless elegance and contemporary design in my custom creations.

Portraits Shop: For those looking to capture personal moments, the "Portraits Shop" is where my custom artistry truly shines. It's not just about creating a portrait; it's about translating the genuine emotions and essence of the subject into a timeless piece of art.

Shop: Our overarching "Shop" page ties it all together. It's a hub where clients can explore and choose from a comprehensive range of custom creations. From personalized wedding signs to digital art, stylish signs, and emotional portraits, this page encapsulates the essence of my custom artistry – a fusion of individuality, creativity, and a deep understanding of the client's desires.

Denver Wedding Painter



I'm thrilled to have you here! My passion lies in turning creative challenges into captivating projects. Whether you're planning a wedding and need the perfect wedding artist, looking for a custom tennis shoe design for a corporate retreat, or envisioning a digital sketch of your future event space, I'm here to bring your ideas to life!

As a custom artist, I specialize in creating one-of-a-kind artworks tailored to the unique preferences and specifications of my clients. Unlike mass-produced art, my work involves a collaborative process where I engage closely with clients to understand their vision, style, and specific requirements.

Working across various mediums, including painting, drawing, sculpture, and digital art, I bring clients' ideas to life by incorporating personalized elements such as themes, colors, and subjects. The collaboration between me and the client is a key aspect of the process, allowing them to communicate their vision while I translate it into a bespoke piece of art.

Whether it's crafting personalized portraits, creating custom illustrations, or producing unique paintings, my goal is to provide clients with exclusive artworks that reflect their individual taste and needs. The essence of custom art lies in its exclusivity, ensuring that each piece is a meaningful and distinctive representation of the client's preferences.

Why Christina?

Why Christina? Christina stands out as an exceptional choice for a wedding painter and custom artist for several compelling reasons. With over 11 years of dedicated experience, she brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to every project. Having collaborated with a diverse clientele, including brides, celebrities, corporate partners, local businesses, and non-profits, Christina demonstrates an adaptability to varied preferences and demands. Her impressive track record is underscored by numerous five-star reviews, reflecting her professionalism and the consistently high quality of her work.

Christina's passion for family adds a unique and personal touch to her creations, making them resonate with sentimental value. This is particularly significant in the context of weddings, where capturing the essence of family bonds is often a central theme. Her collaborative approach is evident in successful partnerships with corporate entities and non-profits, showcasing an ability to effectively communicate and coordinate with different stakeholders.

As a custom artist, Christina's versatility shines through, offering a diverse range of artistic styles and techniques tailored to each client's specific preferences and event themes. Her experience with celebrities and corporate partners attests to her understanding of the importance of professionalism and reliability in delivering exceptional results on time. In choosing Christina, clients can be confident in her ability to not only meet but exceed their expectations, ensuring a memorable and visually stunning addition to their special occasions.

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