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Scottsdale Wedding painter


New Jersey Wedding Painter

Hello Friend,

You are here and I am so happy that you are! They are so many ways we can work together. Custom projects are my thing! You may be in search of the perfect artist to perform at your upcoming event, or maybe you need a custom tennis shoe design for your corporate retreat, or maybe you need a digital sketch of your future event space. I love a good challenge and I  am the girl for your next creative project!

Nothing excites me more than a challenge. I would love to find out more and discuss how we can work together. 

Check out my recent work and let's see how we can work together on your upcoming project or event!

Christina Pappion Wedding Painter

About the Artist


Why does Christina paint? How long has she been painting?

Where has she been and what has she 

accomplished as an artist?

Why is her business called Pappion Artistry? Why should I book her for my next event?

Vermont Wedding Painter

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