Are you interested in working with me to create the perfect portrait for your home? 

Let me tell you a story. 

Henry is a friend of mine and follower of my work. He has been following my work for quite sometime. As his 20th year wedding anniversary came closer, he decided he wanted something special for his bride. But not just something that was fleeting like a dinner or a weekend getaway. He wanted something unique that they could always see in their home. A unique present that would remind them of that special day they made a commitment to each other. So, we decided to do a blended portrait ( read below to see what that is). He didn't have a picture of all the things that made it special. He had a picture of the brass band, and a picture of the Rolls Royce she arrived in, but they did not have a picture of everything in one picture at the same time. So, I worked with him to blend all the photos to create that special moment. 


I really love painting. I am so glad you found me and I hope to paint an original portrait for you to cherish for many years to come.  Email me so we can brain storm ideas and get started on your custom artwork now!

There are two different types of portraits that I specialize in. 

One type is a painting from a photo. For this portrait, basically I use one photo as a guide to create an acrylic portrait on canvas. The other type of portrait is called a blended portrait. The blended portrait is when I take several photos ( up to ten) and create a scene using creativity and my imagination. For example, let's say I was not able to be at your wedding painting and you wanted me to paint as if I was. You would send me the background for the first dance and pictures of your family. You could also send me pictures of the cake and anything else you wanted to include. Or maybe your first dance was in a not so pleasant looking indoor space and you wanted to capture the outside of the venue.  I could do that too! 

I also can create a gift card for a custom portrait present. What a wonderful gift idea!