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Recent Travel To Scottsdale for my FIRST Jewish Wedding!

Recent travel to Scottsdale AZ to paint my first Jewish wedding and the smashing of the glass! Mazel Tov!

I am so blessed. I get to have fun, travel and fulfill my passion. I am honored to do what I love and paint the most special moment for brides all over the country!

Recently I got to travel to one of my favorite desert places...Scottsdale, Az!

We arrived the day before the wedding and got a chance to explore old Scottsdale.

There were soooo many shops and museums on Indian school road!

Because of the short time frame we were not able to see them all! The culture was full of stories and imagery of cowboys and Indians. The desert landscape was the perfect palette for relaxation. While viewing the artworks I thought about extending my palette in this next season to new hues as imagery. Excited about where my creativity is going.

I don't as able to learn about the history behind the area and also saw one of the largest Picasso collections in the world! Unfortunately I was not able to take pics of the Picasso's but I will never forget the memories that were made in that museum and the things I learned about Picasso.

His studio inspired me and his view of life. He said he constantly created so that he would live. He believed when he stopped he would then die. This is really was it means to live a purpose driven life I guess... really intriguing. I love learning about history especially art history. One of my favorite classes on college. I remember thoroughly enjoying the slides, I miss it immensely!

The mountains, palm trees and breezy weather made me swoon and smile all weekend.

Isaac enjoyed taking pics and he was the best photographer! Love it!

The family and event planners were the easiest people to work with.

Sensational Events did a Sensational job planning the wedding! I got to work with their staff to entertain the guests by painting a Jewish moment in the ceremony... smashing the glass!

When Nick smashed the glass it was an important moment and the joy is what I tried to capture. Rayna and Nick was so lovely and their family the sweetest. They came to check on me often and introduce family members. I loved every moment and was so thankful for the opportunities that are opening for me.

Here are some pics from the trip. Maybe next time I will show you some of the menu! What's your favorite spot in Scottsdale? Maybe next time we will see you there!


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