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Embracing the role of an artist is a profound journey that allows me to share the divine gift bestowed upon me by God. In doing so, my aim is not only to express my creativity but to inspire others to dream and imagine possibilities beyond the ordinary.
Collaborating with companies is not just a professional endeavor; it's a passionate pursuit to weave creativity and awareness into a unique narrative that captivates hearts.

In the intricate tapestry of life, connection serves as the delicate thread that binds us, and collaboration emerges as the master key to unlocking the door to success.
At Pappion Artistry, we actively seek to cultivate partnerships with both local and national organizations, recognizing that our partners are not mere collaborators but vital contributors to our growth and triumph. Each partnership, regardless of its scale, becomes a valuable source of learning, shaping the way we serve our customers and enrich our community. We firmly believe that merging diverse talents and expertise is not just a strategy but an art form—an alchemy that produces unparalleled results.

A successful partnership, much like a well-crafted story, demands a skilled storyteller. At Pappion Artistry, we take pride in being adept narrators of unique tales. Let's connect and embark on a conversation about your ideas. Together, we can breathe life into your vision, crafting a narrative that resonates with authenticity, creativity, and a touch of artistic magic.

Glenmorangie Artist- Tales of a Cocktail 

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Christina was selected as the Glenmorangie Artist for this year's Tales of a Cocktail Event. 
At this industry professionals from bartenders to distillers, are introduced to hundreds of exhibits highlighting the new of the hospitality industry. The Tales of the Cocktail® is the drinks industry’s annual meeting place for exchanging new ideas, products, and techniques featuring in-person education, tastings, networking, and awards programming.

She was so excited to paint the well known signet and represent the Crescent City!

Since 2002, the global spirits community has gathered in the heart of the French Quarter for Tales of the Cocktail®. This small annual walking tour of historic New Orleans cocktail bars has now become the world’s leading cocktail conference.



New Orleans Pelicans

The New Orleans Pelicans commissioned Christina to work on several projects.  
One project was to help transform the new Champions Club located in the VIP area of the Smoothie King Arena. Christina was chosen as the sole artist for the space. Her goal was to saturate the club with feel good art, lively color and hopefully translate New Orleans' love for the NOLA team.
Among many things she created for the space, an original painting of Beloved Saints and Pelicans owner Tom Benson, hangs in the suite area along with several colorful wall pieces of athletes and fan scenes. 
Second, to celebrate the NBA draft pic and the end of paper tickets as we know it, The Pelicans Executive Team asked Christina to design what would be the Pelicans' last printed ticket.
What a honor! And of course she rocked it. 
Third, the Team saw the designs and were floored! So they decided to use the designs for all of their promotional and marketing materials. They even used the designs for the VIP Lanyards. 


New Orleans Saints

The New Orleans Saints are the heartbeat of the city! So when Christina was asked to work 
with them in 2016, she was beyond honored and excited. She was selected 
as the sole artist for the inaugural NFL " My Cause My Cleats" Campaign. This was big deal because
what they asked her to paint had never been done before. She was to paint on cleats. They 
trusted her and wanted her to try and paint on the athletes shoes. The catch was that they would also be worn on game day on Primetime TV. 

On December 5, 2016 the New Orleans Saints Players wore Christina's cleats on the field and the rest is history! Christina's artwork also was featured as CBS News Best of the Best Cleats.
She was so glad this new opportunity happened, now she was officially a custom sneaker designer.

Throughout the years, Christina was commissioned for many other Saints related 
projects. Her creativity was valued and challenged. Nothing was off limits. In fact one of her new roles is as a Design Sketch Artist. She works alongside the Saints team to design drawings and  sketches of spaces for budget approval before work is set to begin. 


Dixie Beer

Dixie Beer was excited about opening a new brewery in the Nineth Ward. Immediately they reached out to Christina for multiple projects. The Grand Opening needed merch and graphics and who better to design this than New Orleans Artist Christina Pappion.
A variety pack to celebrate the Mardi Gras season was in the works and they wanted something spooky to get folks excited about their new Boo-co flava. So Christina worked tirelessly with the Dixie team to design the Variety Pack!



Earlier this year, Dunkaroos announced their first ever all- college Basketball team. This announcement happened during March madness week! Each a new college slam dunk baller was revealed.  The invite included a Slam Dunk delivery box filled with Christina's custom designs to the players.